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  • Coined
    Country: Argentina
    Area: Buenos Aires
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    Buenos Aires Spanish Schoolis located in one of the most valued historic buildings of Buenos Aires,"Palacio San Miguel". The Spanish school is close to the main touristattractions in the city such as the Obelisco and the magnificent building ofthe National Congress. Transport is very convenient and accessible. All metrolines in Buenos Aires have a stop just five minutes away from the school.

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  • El Sol
    Country: Perù
    Area: Lima
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    EL SOL is located in Miraflores, the cultural and entertainment heart of Peru's capital, Lima. This district of the city is a wonderful place to begin to learn about the unique history and culture of the country. The main square of Miraflores, just a short walk from the school, is easy to find. Exploring the dozens of nearby restaurants, cafes, stores, parks and hotels is an interesting introduction to this unique city. To get you started we have designed a set of walking-tour maps of Miraflores for you to use. There are hundreds of important historical sites to be seen in Lima, but that is only part of the experience. Lima has many interesting activities going on all the time.

  • Jakera
    Country: Venezuela
    Area: Playa Colorada
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    Merida, high in the Andes is a safe, and extremely attractive small University city. It is filled with Plazas, and historical buildings. It is renown as the adventure capital if Venezuela, and attracts tourists from all over the world. Our Spanish classes include private and group Spanish, Spanish with important volunteering with (now off the street) street kids, and Spanish with Adventure.

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  • Spanish in Peru
    Country: Perù
    Area: Cuzco
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    Our Spanish Language School in Peru offers the exceptional opportunity to learn Spanish while immersed in Peruvian culture.

    Other activities, such as Quechua Language Courses, workshops on Latin American Culture and daily Student Activities, make our Spanish school a distinctive language institute in the former capital of the majestic Inca Empire: Cusco.

    Our Spanish School is located in a colonial building at only one block from the main square, the Plaza de Armas. Here we also offer accommodation in a lovely setting with a sunny terrace. On top of that, there are Peruvian host families, who offer a welcoming living environment where you will speak Spanish only.

  • Simon Bolivar
    Country: Ecuador
    Area: Quito
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    Welcome to Simon Bolivar Spanish School - Ecuador

    Simon Bolivar Spanish School is just the right place to learn Spanish in Ecuador.


    The superb quality of its services and the professional and extensive experience of its teachers provide the right combination for a unique language learning program. Our mission is to promote the outstanding natural and cultural diversity of Ecuador to the international community through teaching Spanish.

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  • Latin Immersion
    Country: Chile
    Area: Santiago
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    Providencia, Santiago, Chile

    Studying Spanish in Santiago, Chile allows you to be within a short distance of both the mountains and beaches for weekend adventures.

    During the week, you can explore colonial neighborhoods, visit historical sites and museums, and enjoy the restaurants of this safe and modern city.

    We are located in a comfortable building in Providencia.  Just a few blocks from the subway but still quiet.

  • Speak & Fun
    Country: Brazil
    Area: Rio de Janeiro
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    Aprende portugués en Rio de Janeiro

    Nuestra escuela de Portugués en Río de Janeiro tiene una larga tradición en la enseñanza del  portugués. La escuela ofrece cursos para todos los niveles durante todo el año. Los cursos comienzan cada lunes, excepto para principiantes que tienen fechas de comienzo determinadas. Se ofrecen cursos en grupo e individuales. La escuela pertenece a asociaciones de calidad como NAFSA y AAIEP.

    La interminables playas de Copacabana, las innumerables islas, la selva, el conocido monumento de Jesús en lo alto de monte, el clima veraniego todo el año, las escuelas de samba, etc. ¿Quien no ha oido alguna vez en su vida hablar de Río de Janeiro? Conocida entre los brasileños como "A cidade maravilhosa" - ¡Rio es de verdad maravillosa!

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  • Idiomas to Go
    Country: Brazil
    Area: Sao Paolo
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    Portuguese Courses

    The Portuguese courses were developed to meet different needs according to the student's nationality. Material and activities are selected according to these differences, obtaining the best results.

    Besides the language, the students learn our culture and customs. Our teachers are able to teach important culture affairs for a good adaptation of our students to the country and to the language learning process.

    We use the Communicative Approach method; this way the student can learn all aspects of the language in a practical and fun way, focusing on conversation.


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