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  • Enforex
    Area: Buenos Aires
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    Argentina holds a unique position among Latin American countries. It has the second-largest landmass in South America, and the makeup of its population is quite different from the rest of the continent. Argentinaís nearly 37,000,000 inhabitants are largely descendant from Spaniards, Italians, Germans and other Europeans.

    Learn Spanish in Argentina with Enforex and get to know a country blessed with an immense range of natural wonders. From the deserts of the north and the plains of the Pampas to the fantastic waterfalls of Iguazķ and the Andean mountain chain, it might just be the most beautiful and geographically diverse country in the world. As a result, itís the perfect place to study for adventurous, outdoorsy types. Its ski slopes, for one, are covered in heavenly, powdery snow.

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  • MontaŮa Linda
    Country:†Costa Rica
    Area: Monteverde
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    From volcano Irazu and thebeautiful valley to rafting and Quadra cycle tours, hiking andWaterfalls,  horse back riding and natural hotspring, the natural Orosivalley has it all!  Our town is very welcoming to foreigners allowing youto get a real vision of Costa Rican life.  You're time in Orosi can be viataking preset tours or using our travel booklet to save some money and getthere yourself.

  • Latin Immersion
    Area: Santiago
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    Providencia, Santiago, Chile

    Studying Spanish in Santiago, Chile allows you to be within a short distance of both the mountains and beaches for weekend adventures.

    During the week, you can explore colonial neighborhoods, visit historical sites and museums, and enjoy the restaurants of this safe and modern city.

    We are located in a comfortable building in Providencia.  Just a few blocks from the subway but still quiet.

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  • Wiracocha
    Area: Cuzco
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    Spanish is a language that is constantly gaining more and more enthusiasts around the world, it can be for business or traveling purposes, but the truth is that the people has always any reason to learn Spanish as other languages.

    Most people try to learn Spanish by their own way, and truly in this times it can be very easy thanks to the technology, in essence Internet where is easy to find a lot of resources that will help them to enrich their vocabulary and grammar, but not always it could be an easy work to learn other languages as Spanish, so we decided to give some advices to the Spanish learners that wants learn by their own way.

  • CELA centro de Linguistica Aplicada
    Area: Islands and Seaside Cities
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    The small, personal school is located in Playa El Angel, one of the best areas of Isla Margarita, far from the tourist trail. CELA was founded in 1997. The director and owner of the Spanish school is Dr. Loffle , who has a PhD in Spanish Language from the UNED in Madrid, Spain. She also has a master's degree in education and she taught Spanish at German Universities before founding CELA. Dr. Loffler has been teaching Spanish for 20 years

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  • Terrae Australis
    Area: Santiago
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    Spanish Language School in Chile

    We are the first school to combinethe following features in order to help you achieve excellence in the Spanishlanguage:

    Interaction via a "realworld",effective methodology.

    Teaching professionalism: The bestteachers, all with university degrees. Personalized teaching, small andhomogeneousgroups. Diverse activities. The latest computer technology: ADSLinternetconnection, C D Rom R/W. Wi Fi. Unique educational and cultural experiences.

  • Equinox
    Area: Quito
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    Equinox Spanish School was founded in 1986 making it one of the first Spanish schools in Quito.
    We`ve got more than 24 years of experience teaching Spanish to students from all over the world.
    All teachers are qualified professionals with many years of experience.
    With modern methodology and education systems, we use the latest texts and provide educational materials for all students.
    We work on individual programs, small groups and with university programs.

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  • Cactus Language
    Area: Maceio
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    Maceio, Brazil

    There's more to Brazil to Carnival, although if you can catch this week-long haze of samba, fiesta and unabashed hedonism it's probably quite an appropriate introduction to the country.


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